The school



In his village Tamshiyaku,

 Don Agustin have developed a school

for children and adults




Over this village Don Agustin hold a helping and protecting hand. With the school project he opposes the widespread illiteracy in the area.

In addition to the normal teaching subjects such as reading, writing, etc children are also brought up to learn the traditional culture and art. Another important aspect is that the people are here taught respect for Mother Earth and how to manage their environment. Some of the young people studying at universities in Iquitos or Lima, have started their life at this school.

Unique for this school, is the offering of writing and reading skills for adults.

More social institutions are planned, such as a carpentry and sewing workshop , so that students leaving school have an opportunity to continue learning and to provide for their livelihood.

For Don Agustin self-help is the focus of the efforts for the village community.

As far as possible he provide the villagers with jobs

The school has about 1000 students and about 40 teachers. It is funded in large part by Don Agustin himself. The Income from his work as a healer flow into "the school of life by the river."

The state are only approving small grants


Donations are always welcome.

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