Why Peru ?

Why would you decide to go the peruvian jungle, to expose yourself to danger and put yourself into the hands of a shaman, that you have never seen before in your life .


Well, I would say : it is God's providence. He directs and leads us to the places, people, creatures and events that are important for our growth. However, because something will happen that draws your attention...... to a shaman in a healing camp in the depths of the Amazonas, who cures people with the help of jungle plants, medicinal plants, the power of spiritual helpers and especially his unconditional love transformes, opens, empowers you or simply HEALS ............... heals negative emotions, from trauma or soul injury ,depression or physical suffering. Also cancer.
So, now you have found him, and decide, for different reasons, as already mentioned, to comlplete this trip to the jungel. Even the decision path is a process .....
Thousands of questions fly through your head:
How do I feel when I have to sleep with several strangers in a room ? How can I live without electricity? How do I survive the morning without my first cup of coffee to drink in bed? Can I connect my kettle anywhere at all? How to get to the nearest hospital, if you really seriously ill? Can I really use a squat toilet ? Can I cope to sit there with other people vomiting during a ceremony in the dark? What if I suddenly lose control completely? Is Don Agustin at all sympathetic? What if I just want to go home again? Etc.
Once you're there, in the wonderful camp for a loving reception by our master shamans in Iquitos and a boat trip on the mighty and impressive amazon river, you feel dedicated somehow to everything that is going to come . After the first ceremony at the latest one knows that these particular healers : Don Agustin and Doña Marlene you can trust unconditionally and that you are in a totally protected space.
To adapt to local conditions is much, much easier than you think.
It makes sense to join a tour group that plans the way to Yushintaitata from departure to arrival. This is the safest to do and you can already practice to give the absolute responsibility away and resolve deadlocked sructures. It is also easier for Don Agustin, to care for a group from beginning to end, instead of people arriving individually. But even that is possible
We were a group of 17 people, most of us did not know each other and it was unbelievable how natural and quick Trust developped in January 2013. We exchanged our motivations for being here, talking about our fears, and comforted each other. Some of the participants had already been several times at Don Agustin's camp and they reassured us that the ceremonies where very gentle and loving.And it was so! Each of us an attest to that.
Nevertheless, we all had a healthy respect for the effect of the mother plant. A few of us have had very severe or even traumatic experiences with ceremonies in Germany . But the desire to find growth and healing gave us all courage. We were rewarded in different ways.
 Our tour group had the honor to be witness to a miracle cure. A woman in our group had been suffering many years with cancer and had been abandoned by conventional medicine. The trip to Peru was ihre last chance and Don Agustin healed her and a second life was given to her.
Others were allowed to release emotional pain, or had clear visions of the future. The past could be worked with and healed, and much more.
And all this because the human Agustin Rivas Vasques has decided to put his life in the service of God and undergo the difficult path to to become a shaman. You do not do so with just three years of apprenticeship. To become a shaman is a way of life. He went this way. For all of us. And he practise his art every day. With a dedication that can not be put into words, he supplies its guests from morning to evening. Each glass of medicine, he poured by hand and with great love he performs the nightly Ayahuascarceremonies. He is always willing to listen and help. And everybody can share in his enormous knowledge.
 All participants are always very protected and wrapped in endless love. To all those who are worried to go to the Jungel, even though they know that the Jungel calls them. ........ Trust the universe and your intuition. If you really travel to Yushintaita and spend some time with these wonderful people, Don Agustin, Dona Marlene , you will have an unforgettable and special experience and healing. Even if you have not been terminally ill, each of us carries within ourself injuries at various levels. From this life or past lifes. In addition, diseases that are already existing in us are cured. One could also speak of preventive medicine here.
Every person who was in this "oasis of healing" in Yushintaita, is going back home healthier than he came.
We are all very grateful that we were allowed to know these great, humble and humorous people. We carry their love in our hearts . Doña Marlene, and also Don Agustin, and his daughter Rossana and her husband Guido won our hearts entirely. We carry their love in our hearts
And ....... we had an incredible amount of fun and have laughed sooo sooo much!