Yushintaita, the Camp in the Jungle



means spiritual father



From Tamshiyaku, the home village of Don Agustin there is a one-hour walk to the camp Yushintaita. Already the journey is meditation. The civilization with its noise and stress is slowly desapearing . Arriving in this little paradise "Yushintaita" you will be greeted by the sounds of Jungels and immersed in peaceful timelessness.

All the buildings in the camp are made from the treasures of the rainforest. The walls and floors are made of wood and the roofs of palm leaves and vines.

A large terrace which is partly covered also serves as a dining area ,when it rains. Every morning as the first ceremony the medicine is produced and served by Don Agustin himself.

Directly connected to the terrace is the kitchen with huge fireplaces and large cooking pots. Delicious and healthy meals are cooked on an open fire with fresh ingredients. It is also possible to choose a salt - and sugar-free diet.

The accommodations for the guests are also made of wood. Just like the beds, which are equipped with comfortable mattresses. Each bed has a mosquito net, during the night it protects against mosquitoes and creates a bit of privacy if you want some time for yourself. Everyone is housed in large communal dormitories or living in a house with twin rooms. Everything is very clean.

There is a temple for the nocturnal Ayahuascaceremonys. Here also individual treatments or massages are performed.

Then there is the pyramid. It serves as a meeting place in the evening and invites you to chill. Here you can talk, play music, read, or smoke a Marpacho.

The creek flowing through the camp with its clear, clean water is used as a washing - and bathing place. The toilets are very basic but hygienic.

The support provided by the nice staff at the camp is excellent. The laundry is washed and the rooms are cleaned every day.

From the camp Yushintaita, Don Agustin makes Jungle hikes to the neighboring camps: the camp of Dona Marlene for example, or visiting the sacred tree, which is very close to the camp. Here one can pray and cry, sing or scream. Just sitting near the tree has a comforting effect. There is always some lessons from Don Agustin's wealth of experience and his wide-ranging knowledge of the various medicinal plants and their effects.

 Numerous stories of his long and eventful life never let boredom. Staying in Yushintaita, "being" in this oasis of peace and healing can happen, allows spiritual awakening and growth. Away from the noise of the fast life, surrounded by the sounds of Djungels and its fragrance every visitor will find here rest and has the ability to look inside themselves to see himself from e differnt point of view . To experience physical and mental purification and renewal.