Don Agustin Rivas-Vasques,

a shaman,

and thus a wanderer between worlds:

he is in the everyday reality of our

space-time continuum

as much at home

as in the all-day reality.



Don Agustin is not only one of the highest ranking Shamans of Peru, he is first and foremost a man who has decided to put his knowledge and skills in the service of the people.

It's a special experience to see Don Agustin in his habitat, the rainforest in the Amazon! He knows the healing power of each plant and prepares medicine for his visitors. He treat nature and its gifts with the most respect.
In cooperation with the spiritual world, and the plant spirits he triggers a deep process. His action is permeated by the selfless intention to help the seeker. In over 30 years of experience as a spiritual healer he can bring about healing on a physical and mental level in many people.
Don Agustin is convinced that only with God's help, healing is possible. With this deep knowledge and humility, he practice modern energie medicine in the deep of the Amazon.

Don Agustin is a healer with spirit, charisma and humor. The secret of his appeal lies in the love of man and nature.





Since 20 years Don Agustin is supported by his partner

Doña Marlene Soto Ramirez,

who is also inaugurated by him in the shamanic knowledge and enriches the life in the camp with her

feminine energy.

Their affection for each other radiates to the visitors and support the peaceful and harmonious coexistence.





 A visit to these two great shamans

 will change your life for the positive,

as the journey goes on - even after you get home!




Who is interested in the life path of Don Agustin should read the Book : Amazon Magic

Here you immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the highest ranking Peruvian shaman and curandeiro. Don Agustin describes his childhood, his apprenticeship in a hospital, his era as an owner of a restaurant, and of course his epoch as a famous artist and woodcarver. His career as a shaman is described in detail with all the ups and downs. This book gives insight into the world of shamanism and provides detailed information on the medicinal plant Ayahuascar. The wife of the late Indian chief and medicine man Black Bear; Jaya Bear wrote on the stories of Don Agustin and so brought up this unique and authentic biography of this wonderful man.