The ceremonies

  The ceremonies

A mystical experience.


Before it goes to the vision quest,

they all meet on the terrace and sit still for an hour together, drink tea or coffee and listen to the stories of Don Agustin.

All participants are dressed in white

 and somehow there is a special atmosphere,

 a bit of reverence.

It attunes to the meeting with the other world.

The ceremonies take place during the evening in the "Temple" instead. On the altar are all sacred tools needed for Don Agustin´s cooperation with the spiritual world. There may be photos or letters placed on the altar, thus may be asked for absentee family members or friends for protection or healing.

The ceremony begins with Don Agustin only the women to ask themselves at the altar, hands over the glass with the sacred drink. This is all done with a very solemn and grateful energy. Each glass is blessed by Don Agustin before it is handed over to the participants and always the spirit of the medicinal plant is honored in humility. The medicinal plant "Ayahuascar" is the teacher of master shaman.

Then the men get their medicine, and when all have returned to their seats and the last candle is blown out. Well, in total darkness, Doña Marlene and Don Agustin start quietly with their wonderful and at the same time powerful healing chants, and the Mariris Icarose. You are quite alone, and yet you feel safe in the community and feel the presence and support of the shaman and the spirits in every moment.


As soon as you need them they blow smoke of the pipes in the blessed aura and chakras and support each user helpline process with singing and drums.

The medicinal plant purifies on all levels. Some participants have to vomit and thus free themselves from heavy energies. Once you have vomited, a sense of relief and release sets. Body, mind and soul are harmonized and awaken hidden self-healing. Body and soul must embark on the road to recovery.

Spiritual visions accompany the journey through the dimensions. Find answers for the questions to the search for self-knowledge. You can ask the spirits and the master plant for advice and assistance, to clarify the events of his own life. These visions are often very colorful and provide insight into deep inner processes.

Each participant receives a personalized treatment of Don Agustin. Maybe an operation. A treatment couch is placed in the middle of the room. In deep trance state and using the spiritual world, he goes into his imagination in the institution concerned and operates there. He does not know exactly which organ is affected, he makes an all-encompassing surgery. Then his rods automatically go to the organ in which a disease has manifested.



A quote from Don Agustin:

if the mind with a certain intention is going to focus,

then the energy of the universe works through you.

In this way healing happens.



It also happens that something is drawn from the patient's body. Which is then either swallowed or spat out by the shaman .

During the entire ceremony Doña Marlene is supportive of her husband's side and accompanied at the same time, she blows with a lot of love the clean smoke and her sonorous, healing singing.

At the end of each ceremony everybody dances by candlelight to the drum music of Don Agustin. This ritual nights remains an unforgettable experience and each goes with his own personal healing out of it.

The next morning after breakfast they all meet and exchange ideas on the experiences during the last ceremony. These meetings serve the conscious processing of the healing process.