What is Ayahuasca ?



For thousands of years shamans have used, especially in the Amazon region, the healing power of hallucinogenic ayahuasca potion to cure people on both physical as well as psychological level

The ayahuasca potion usually contains the ayahuasca vine or the juice of the vine (vine of the spirits, this is the main ingredient) and either chacruna or chaliponga leaves. Only the combination of these two components creates "ayahuasca". The vine is responsible for the force and chacruna / chaliponga bring as a haluzinogene plant the visions.
  Ayahuasca initiates a psychedelic, visionary state of consciousness. This effect is different for each person on both a physical as well as mental level. The effects can range from easy to extremely stimulating visionary experience. Shamans take ayahuasca to communicate with nature. Using the plant on a spiritual level, they can see the cause of a patient's disease and how it is to heal. The shaman is by the ingestion of ayahuasca and healing chants set into a healing trance.
A side effect of ayahuasca is that some people vomit or get diarrhea. This is a physical cleaning process, which is closely related to the detachment of stressful thought patterns, "egostories" and old emotional patterns. It is a very Lightening feeling to let go all heavy energies! As well, you can feel a wonderful connection and oneness with everything. High level of awareness and knowledge of yourself, of your own dark side , is another effect of the mother plant. Usually you feel reborn after an ayahuasca ceremony. Ayahuasca dissolves not only stressful worries and problems within a few hours, but it brings unconscious and apparently not originating from this world processes to the surface and allows you to work with them. The shamans vision, extended by ayahuasca, helps people get rid of old adhesions.